10 Baby Products with Amazing Beauty Benefits for Mom

These wonder products are hypo-allergic and free of harsh chemicals, and therefore are great for any skin type. Every woman dreams of having supple, baby-soft skin, and is ready to go to any extent to achieve the desired results. You will be amazed to know that the easiest trick to get baby-soft skin is using baby products. Continue reading “10 Baby Products with Amazing Beauty Benefits for Mom”

12 Different Types Of Eyebrow Shapes And What Your Eyebrows

We all know that our eyes are a window to our soul and pretty much anyone can make out what emotion we’re feeling basis the expression of our eyes. Whether you tweeze, wax or thread them, your eyebrow shape gives others an insight about you and says a lot about your personality. Here’s a list for you to check out what your eyebrow shape says about you. Continue reading “12 Different Types Of Eyebrow Shapes And What Your Eyebrows”

10 Mid-Length Hairstyles to Wear to All Your Summer Events

We love discovering hairstyles for short-haired gals, but mid-length ladies need some love too! Between your best friend’s baby shower and an endless number of hot-day cookouts, you’ll need an arsenal of eye-catching ‘dos to get you through all your summer events. Whether you’re still rocking that swag haircut or you’re growing out a pixie, these medium hairstyles are sure to have you well prepared for one of the busiest seasons of the year. Scroll through these 10 mid-length hairstyles and find the perfect look for your entire summer lineup. Continue reading “10 Mid-Length Hairstyles to Wear to All Your Summer Events”

Everything to Know About Kylie Jenner Lipstick Line

Kylie Jenner has been promising to release a lipstick line for months now, and on Monday, it appears that she’ll make good on her word. Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K are the three shades in Kylie’s debut “lip kit” collection, which she began to promote across her social-media channels Sunday afternoon. Continue reading “Everything to Know About Kylie Jenner Lipstick Line”

5 Makeup Colors You Have to Try This Summer

summer makeup colorHot Pink

Try out the hot pink shade this summer and give a fresh subtle glow to your appearance. Swap out the shade of pink as a go-to blush and adorn your eyes with a grapefruit pink color. Play out the cooler tones of pink with their bolder cousin hot pink.

Don’t overplay with hot pink, because less is too much with this shade. Stay away from the neon hue at maximum, as neon pink on nails is quite enough.

More makeup color for your summer beauty tips hit the link below:

Salon of the Week – The Gillan Salon & Spa

The salon offers a wide range of services from hair, skin, nails, waxing, makeup and Aroma therapy. Additional features include a designated colour area, private treatment room. The treatment room is also available to parties prior to any important engagement where treatments, hairstyling and make-up services are available.


Gillan Salon & Spa strives to deliver a the highest level satisfaction with every client’s visit. With their highly trained team members or a visit to their relaxing beauty department, the salon is undoubtedly one of the most well-known amongst women in Karachi.
In addition to all the services offered by the salon, they also master the art of relaxing massages for clients. A service most clients desire to cope with their busy schedules especially in a cosmopolitan city like Karachi.

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