Fashion Magazines International August Issue 2015

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Fashion Central ( International is pleased to announce the official launch of its brand new August issue 2015 of Fashion Central magazine. The much-awaited magazine, with a circulation of 120,000, was developed with rich and relevant content that reflects the personality and vivacity.

The magazine has unveiled useful and informative content related to fashion shows, fashion trends, beauty & health, men interests, luxury living, interviews, entertainment, interiors, events.

The visual and editorial quality of Fashion Magazines is top-notch and its pages are inspired by the values and interests of its muse. The magazine’s style is stylish, luminous, easy and current, and creates an inviting world that has something for women and men in every area of their lives. The online readers will find special sections that include, designer store launches, designers collections, national and international fashion shows, product launches, new fragrance launches, the prenatal yoga tips, men style tips, luxury car launches, celebrity interests, talks with music artist, exciting movie reviews and much more.
For our viewers ease, the magazine is available to VIEW ONLINE and FREE DOWNLOAD.
This electronic Magazine also focuses on your favorite actresses and models. All this and more awaits your click. )

Some more essential features are shared with you

  • The magazine is spread over 128 pages.
  • The content includes, national and international events, celebrity interviews, a section on luxury, yoga and fitness and not to forget a section for men.
  • It is available for viewing directly from the website in a magazine format.
  • It is available for FREE DOWNLOAD so that our users can easily access it offline.
  • Online viewer offers a Mobile Friendly Experience.

Our viewers are welcome to let us know what other aspects they would like be covered in this magazine as we go long.


Fashion Central Online Media Group, operate over two dozen online portals which have a global viewership of over 3 million page loads a month, and commands a vibrant social media community of over 1 million followers. Not only that, Fashion Central has Over 100,000 completely opt in News letter subscribers and 200,000 million viewers our online video channels. Fashion Central is an e-Magazine of Pakistan, which provides coverage to the events in Pakistani Fashion Industry.

To maximize its readership and global viewership, this exclusive online portal is into active publications of international fashion content including trendiest fashion shows, product reviews, celebrity stories and many more. Fashion Central “Online Portal” has the philosophy to bring you what is new and fresh. The content is updated on hourly and regular basis to keep informing its potential and current readers about special features on beauty, health and fitness. Moreover, updates on latest fashion shows event launches and fashion reviews are the dominant features of this e Magazine. Also included on the magazine are segments on luxury, travel and MENZ grooming.

Fashion Central Media Group was founded in 2007 with an idea to provide a ‘Central Online Portal’ about all fashion related affairs. This magazine has won PASHA ICT Award in 2010. Its eight organized categories of fashion Pakistan, beauty & style, people & parties, living & lifestyle, international fashion, men’s corner, shopping and blog, fashion lovers learn about pure Pakistani fashion traditions and enriched lifestyle.

For further press and publicity purposes with regard to fashion central online shop contact

Media Contact:
Khawaja Pervaiz
 | +92 300 848 0918

The New Look

Fashion Central Media group is happy to Announce the Launch of new Look for their leading fashion and lifestyle portal,
Fashion central has been revamped and now bears a totally youthful look with enhanced features for the online viewers.The new interface has been based on the feedback from regular visitors.

Considering that 65% of our visitors access the portal via mobile devices, the new design is completely mobile optimized to enhance user experience. The site is fully responsive and completely adaptive for any device.

The Fashion Central team is totally excited about the new theme along with the layout design and is certain that online readers will enjoy the superb images, quick uploads, less clutter and a much better user experience.The viewers are bound to find the experience hassle free, enjoyable and convenient.
This is just the first phase of enhancements, in the near future Fashion central is planning to release further upgrades and features. All of this combined will ensure that
retains the top position among the online fashion & lifestyle magazines of the Pakistan.

Gohar Textile Summer Lawn Design 2015

Summer Lawn DressesFamous Fashion Brand Gohar Lawn 2015 Collection introduced fabulous women summer lawn catalog named “Gohar Gohar Textile Mills Lawn 2015 Catalogue”, which started a smile on your face after I will bring this catalog. Gohar spring summer lawn collection 2015 is specifically designed to make your beauty clean and clear and extend your summer wardrobe area.

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Stylish Take on Olivia Palermo Fashion Style

Summer is the perfect time to show your fashion guts by following the chic looks of Olivia. Have a look at a quick guide to adopt Olivia’s gorgeous looks in your own way.


Say Hello to Neutrals & Nudes

Olivia has proved to the fashion world that neutrals are no more boring and plain. To make an attractive outfit completely out of neutrals, you need to mix and match different shades of nudes to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Dress up smartly

Stop being lazybones and make your every outfit special by dressing up smartly. The most important factor of Olivia’s fashion is her ability to carry every look and mood smartly and neatly.

Wear proper fittings and sizes

Women have different preferences for wearing clothes. While some wear tight outfits, others prefer loose and comfy dresses. However, if you want to catch up with Olivia Palermo’s style, you should wear clothes with proper fitting as per your size.

Turn over to Classics

No matter how rapid the fashion trends are going to change, the classics will remain evergreen and popular. If you closely observe the style of Olivia Palermo, you will see her love with the classic prints. Olivia prefers the classic and traditional prints in her clothes over the funky ones.

Keep it comfortable and casual

The best part of Olivia’s style is her rejection towards the idea of overdressing. The sexy lady is always seen in a relaxed and comfy outfits and that’s what makes it easy for others to recreate her stylish looks.

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Backstage with Maybelline Insider for TFPW15

The Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 has jumped the tracks with ten times the energy, more beauty and a lot more backstage mayhem! Day one kicked off in Karachi on Tuesday, showcasing collections from Nida Azwer, Sadaf Malaterre, Sania Maskatiya and Fnk Asia to name a few. Day two brought in ensembles from Amir Adnan, Sanam Chaudhri, Jafferjees, Abdul Samad ,Zaheer Abbas ,Gul Ahmed and many more. The energy levels kept rising, designers flaunted their best designs and wowed the crowd.


There is still so much to look forward to this week but Click Here for a sneak peak video created by Maybelline Insider to share the backstage madness.

Trend Tuesday: Flashback to Trends of FPW 2014

Maybelline New York has always been at the forefront of trend setting beauty at some of the world’s biggest fashion weeks and it flaunted it’s legacy at last year’s Fashion Pakistan Week. Since we’re at that fashion week time of year again, we put together a post full of last year’s hottest trends showcased at FPW 2014. Don’t forget to follow Maybelline Pakistan on facebook and on instagram for all that’s happening this year!

FPW 2014 FPW 2014 day 2

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Telenor Bridal Couture Week – Schedule and Details

This season the bridal extravaganza will showcase 21 leading and emerging local designers The 9th installment of TBCW will also feature latest collections of designer Mini Bindra label ‘Rabayiat’ from India, Ziggy Akhtar from London and Samreen’s Closet from USA. Continue reading “Telenor Bridal Couture Week – Schedule and Details”

Telenor Bridal Couture Week, 2014 Lahore

After the sparkling successful ending of Fashion Pakistan week 2014, here comes another most awaited fashion show of the year. It’s time to gear up for the ninth installment of ‘Bridal Couture Week’ to be held in Lahore from December 11th to 13th, 2014. Continue reading “Telenor Bridal Couture Week, 2014 Lahore”

The most minimalistic shoe in the world

Summers are a time when less is always more. When it comes to foot wear most people want the least gaudy and most airy sort of sandals for summers. Many even enjoy walking barefoot on sand or the cement floors in the evening. We are talking about a shoe that has no layers, straps, textile or anything. A shoe that lets your feet breath in open air and prevents them from having that suffocating hot and clammy feeling we go through every year in summers if we wear closed shoes.summer_shoe_trends

So many look for a completely minimalistic sort of footwear that is easy to carry. Well we give you a review about exactly such sandals that have nothing but strands of strings attached to them. There is no other shoe in the shoe market really as minimalist as the huarache. The huarache is basically a Mexican shoe, primarily from a pre Columbian origin that became popular during the 1960s and now has a considerable demand in market especially in summers.

The traditional design of a huarache is pretty simple. The material originally used for such a sandal was leather with a thin wooden sole. Strips of leather were cut and woven in to create a completely hand weaved shoe.

Later the design was created with woven strings with a very thin wooden sole beneath them. Now the sandal’s soles are usually rubber. With a diverse evolution process, the huarache now varies considerably in designs. More concepts for huarache have changed and many companies name their shoes huarache, but traditionally only those shoes are considered huarache that are handmade or hand woven by craftsmen.

The Mexican style sandals have again come in fashion along with their comfort and feasibility to wear. The true minimalistic shoe in the market is the Xero Shoe Huarache that you can create on your own because it is all strings. And truly it is just that simple.

The Xero Shoe Huarache running sandal comes with a helpful kit which is very easy to create. It is said to be durable, long-lasting and comfortable that you can personalize according to your own choice with a lace color and lacing style that is in the box with advantage of being extremely economical too. The xero shoes are as close to being barefoot as you can possibly imagine because it is a shoe that contains only the smallest amount of rubber protection in width on the soles of your feet.

The sole itself is pretty thin so it feel completely feather like. Your feet are free to go as they like in the most innate manner with no textile attached to obstruct or restrict foot movement in any way possible. All initial uncertainties about comfort, fit, or appropriateness for running are quickly eliminated after using them in a few walks or your very first run in them. It feels light and absolutely fabulous.