Modern Bespoke and Made to Measure Menswear Service

Everyone first preference is custom made suits as it is easy to grab but some people have adjustment problem so they go for be spoke. Especially elite class and designer prefer to wear bespoke, it means speak for your own self.bespoke

The made to measure is such clothing which is accessible for everyone, it was designed decade ago, and men go and get what they want. On the other hand men go and wear sample of jackets and trouser and get them stitched according to their own body type. You have a wide range of variety when it comes to be bespoke.

An actual bespoke suit is made up with lot of effort, it starts from client’s measurement, tailor goes and sees the client personally, and it gets ready almost in 6 months. In the 6 month time period clients try the suit several times and the suit is not handed over to you unless the tailor and client both are not satisfied.Modern_Bespoke_Service

When we talk about the made to measure, the clients go to the store and chose the best for him and he try to fit in the suit. The suit is made in the factory with hundreds of other suits, after than it is designed with a panel of designers, everything is been noticed such as the pockets, the buttons and collar. The suit is been sent to the store in 8 to 9 weeks and small fitting issues are done by the store tailor.

In made to measure suit, the machines are all operated by system and sometimes they are computerized so the stitches are very neat but when it comes to be spoke or custom made suit it all depends on how good the tailor is and how neatly he is doing the work. Always remember that the custom made suits are more comfortable.

The price of both matters a lot when you are going to choose the custom made and made to measure. Usually gentleman prefers wearing custom wear suit rather than other because there is less chance of some mistake and the price of made to measure is more reasonable.

In the bespoke or custom made suits the fabric and the style option not much rather than in made to measure you have all the options open. In the made to measure clothing you can get your own choice of style such as lining and buttons.

The custom made suit and made to measure suits are expensive because of the fact that labor is expensive and the cost also depend on the fabric. The bespoke suits are your life time investment and on the other hand the made to measure suits are not long lasting.

The custom made suits becomes very common after some time, everyone is wearing the same design but the quality of bespoke suit is that only you are wearing it, it is exclusive in its own way.

The very valid point in bespoke suit is that the cost depends on the quality and quality always shows your taste and reflects your personality. Bespoke suits are usually thrice more than custom made suits. Made to measure are mass produced so hence, at some level they neglect some things such as design and cuts as everyone has different taste.

After all this differences made to measure and bespoke suits both now caters to different class of the society.


Designer HSY Talk Show on HUM TV Coming Soon

Everyone is familiar with HSY’s name in fashion industry. He is a much endowed designer who is also very eloquent and artistic in his thoughts. The acclaimed designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) is all set to launch his own brand new celebrity talk show “Tonight with HSY” on Hum-TV! Seems like a talk show  inspired with coffee with Karan! But it is too early to judge format of the show! As its going to be HSY, the surprise can be anticipated.Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

Few episodes have been shooting and there is news tat “Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan” will be the first guest together in one of the special episode of “Tonight with HSY”. The show will start after Eid-ul-Fitar on Hum-TV!

More and more channels are coming up with unique ideas and are introducing new faces to attract the viewers. There is a tough competition in dramas already but now the latest trend is that different channels are coming up with unique ideas of talk shows and reality shows.


How to get Rid of Tried Droopy Eyes

When you see yourself in the mirror and you see your tired eyes you go into shock. Tired eyes look very bad and it adds a negative look in your personality. Always keep a thing in mind that fresh eyes make you look pleasant and gives a positive effect to the viewer.

There are many ways from which you can overcome your droopy eyes.girl_sleeping

At times cold water works, you just need to splash water on your face and eyes. Sometimes the puff makes your eyes look tried some cold water splashes can solve this problem. Cold water helps to circulate the blood vessels.

There is a simple tip for these droopy eyes, all you need to do is that take chilled water in a bowl, then dip to take bags with them for a few seconds. Lie down and place the tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes, the caffeine, which is in the tea bag helps to lessen the swelling around the eyes and it is a natural thing which also help against inflammation of eyes. Repeat this process twice a day, you will feel better in a few days.

There is a fact that when eyes are droopy the skin under the eyes loses its tightness and sometimes your eyes bags looks much larger. The very easy remedy for this is to take egg whites and beat them well in a bowl, beat it until it gets firm. Use cotton or brush and apply this egg white around your eyes and leave it until the mask get dry. Wash it with cold water, this is an instant remedy.

Vegetables are really good for skin but some vegetables like cucumber gives instant results. Use cucumber slice and get rid of droopy eyes. Take two slices of cucumber and put them on your eyes. Leave it for a while and see the visible difference.

Potato is another vegetable which is very good for the eyes. The starch of the potato contains anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce the redness and puffiness around the eyes. Cut a potato into slices and leave for them for a while. You can also make potato juice and use this juice around the eyes. Its juice is very effective.

The other way to get rid of droopy eyes is to do massage around the eyes with your own hands. This is the most easy home remedy. When you massage your eyes you help to move the attentive fluid, but massage lightly. Try to move your fingers in the arc shape in a clockwise movement. Try to do it twice a day.

You can also reduce your droopy eyes by putting ice in the eyes. Put an ice cube for several minutes and see the difference, the ice cube, will also help to reduce the redness of the eyes.

There is another treatment known as salt water, it is a very simple but yet highly effective. The salt water can reduce the inflammation around the eyes. All you have to do for this remedy is to take Luke warm water in a bowl and add half of teaspoon salt in it, mix it well. Take cotton buds and soak it in that mixture, place those cotton buds on the eyes for like 15 to 20 minutes.

The important thing you need to remember if you want good eyes is to drink lots of water and juices. The intake of all kinds of fluids, prevent your eyes from swelling and it also makes the body hydrated. Water intake will also prevent all the inflammation.

Nowadays, many few people follow this golden principle which is “sleep tight and sleep right”. If you don’t get proper sleep you will have droopy eyes, sleep at least 8 to 9 hours. Try not to sleep on stomach, it is better to sleep on the sides or straight. Sleep early and wake up early.


It’s all about Men Shoes

Not all shoes are not of the same type. You can’t take care of a canvas sneaker the same way you would take care of a leather brogue. But each kind of shoe needs proper care and protection. You need to put some time and effort into the fabric and the soles, and they’ll bear whatever damage you can inflict on it. Here’s how to keep your shoes looking their very best.shoe_care_kit_3

Polish Leather Often:

You’ve invested money on your new shoes. It’s important that you make sure they look good. So as soon as you take them out of the box, polish them. Polish them each time you put them on so they always look their best.

Protect and Brush Suede:

If you’re buying suede boots, purchase a protective suede spray along with them that resists water, salt and mud so they won’t be damaged by the rudiments. You should also commit to a good suede eraser and brush for maintenance. First, use your eraser to target stains. Then, follow up with the brush to bring the nap of the suede back to its original state.

Save the Sunday Paper:

Save your shoes from permanent damage from rainfall by drying them as soon as you get home. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture, and place them in well ventilated area as you wait for them to dry. Whatever you do, don’t pick up the hair dryer or place them near a heater, which will damage and make the leather cracked and brittle.

Drop the Sponge:

Often a sponge tip applicator attached to your favorite shoe polish can contain silicone, a material for your shoes. Instead, keep a shoe-care kit with essentials like polish and a natural hair brush. It is recommended not to use sponge on your shoes too often.

Roughen up your Boots:

Don’t put your boots through the ringer just to get that rugged, worn-in look. You can still get the same effect after protecting the leather. Use a leather balm and neutral cream, but avoid buffing them to a shine. Just watch the soles.

Embrace the Elements:

Polishing your boat shoes isn’t a crucial requirement. Let them live through the elements because they’re intended to be salt-washed and faded. While there are conflicting opinions, we agree with the advice that Boat shoes look really cool when you can tell they have been used

Invest in Quality Polish:

Ignore your urge to take the bargain route. Yes, you need shoe polish and not the sneaker scuff cleaner from the local drugstore? Although they may save you several bucks, they don’t actually remove scuffs. Instead, they layer on a white paste that appears chalky when dry. So stick to white shoe polish.

Hand Wash Your Canvas:

The best way to clean your canvas sneakers is by hand with fabric shampoo and water, and not in the washing machine. Even on a gentle sequence, the sole of your shoes can break down and in turn will look more worn out.


Summer Food Trends 2014

What matters in 2014 is all that is new and fresh and available at the local market. With the growing expenses over the years the trends change and evolve, this summer in 2014 the trends are all about keeping you fresh and healthy and have your skin glowing, and what impacts more on your skin that fresh food.halibut_olive_arugula_cottage_cheese

So this year we have food that is locally sourced. From chicken to ducks to cows and goats, it matters that what you buy to feed your and your families bellies is freshly sourced and all good. Local food products are what you need; something is freshly cut and then freshly cooked.

Be good to your bodies this summer. Next up, it’s a green vegetable land. Radish, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions and what not. Needless of the time of the year, vegetables always keep your blood flowing and your skin glowing. This summer control the heat of your body by feeing yourself, your skin and your bodies with all the fresh vegetables of the world this summer in 2014.

For your kids this season, take up mince meat and mix them up with all the vegetables and fresh herbs to make your kids the enticing meal that looks healthy is healthy and is mouth watering as well. Feeds your kids happiness in health and in taste. Top them up with fruits like apples, bananas, and what is better than watermelon in the summer. Cut out cubes of melon and watermelon and have it lie in a bowl as your kids eat and play at the same time while you watch their health.

For energy give your kids milk, if they are not a fan of milk turn up your blender with milk and bananas or milk and chocolate or milk and strawberries or milk and mangoes. Blend up and churn up a lovely filled with ice milk shake and have it yourself with your kids to keep your energies up and yourself active.

Make cocktails for yourself at home and for your guests, with lemonade and sprite shake it up with mint leaves to leave your neck soothing and your body relaxed and wanting more. Eat grapefruit and have tons of water to drink to keep your metabolic rate active and your body toned and detoxified.

Have beans and pulses, Asian bowls. Make yourself a bowl of a fat free and health intrigued bowl of pulses and eat one entire bowl leaving you satisfied in flavor and in health. Take up peas and beans and make rice with either, this will make your food look colorful and healthy while it is actually colorful and healthy.

Green tea never gets old, with the rising heat one does not always feel like having tea, so make green teas the trend as it is. Do not drink up too much but drink enough to keep your body going and active while your metabolic rate also stays high. With a cup or two of green tea a day you can be healthy and watch your weight at the same time.

Have fun this summer and play around with all the fresh fruits and vegetables and give yourself and your families a treat that is happy and healthy for them in summer 2014.


Reema thinks Proud People Can Never Achieve Anything

Reema Khan known by her screen name Reema is a Pakistani Lollywood film actress, director and producer. The gorgeous has appeared in more than 200 films since making her debut in 1990.

According to the latest reports, ReemaReema thinks Proud People Can Never Achieve Anything said that she is not conscious about her age at all, she is confident at what she possess, that is why she hasn’t ruined her face with plastic surgeries like the other actresses.

The lady also expressed that she is not dependent on others rather she is a self believer and always tried her best to make her own future. She also said that many actresses got plastic surgery because they want to look like Angelina Jolie.

Right now, Reema is working on a new project, the paperwork is under way. The actress really wants to take interview of Sheikh Rasheed, that way she will also find out why he smiles every time when Reema’s name is mentioned.


Quick Homemade Beauty Tips for Fairness

Skin being the outermost layer of our body, is sensitive to most of the harmful things around us so it needs special care and attention than other layers. Moreover it beautifies our whole structure and appearance. Harsh UV sun rays, environmental conditions, pollution and change, all of such things influence skin drastically and may make it dry and dull. Some skin diseases and allergies are also are connected with chemical imbalance in the body and inner disruption of metabolisms.

To surmount the skin-related problems we introduce to you some quick and easy homemade beauty tips for fairness and better healthy looking skin. The afore mentioned beauty problems are very common nowadays and for such issues here are some masks which can be prepared by means of natural ingredients that are normally obtainable at home every time and you don’t need to go through the hassle of managing extra money to purchase heavy chemically treated masks that may not suit your skin.Homemade_Beauty_Tips_For_Fair_Skin_1

Here are a few homemade beauty tips that can assist you to manage a fair, attractive and unblemished skin within days. Try them and enjoy the amazing results.

Egg is loaded with several nourishing elements and is a best alternative to give you a glowing skin. That’s why it is extensively used in skin and hair care remedies. To make your skin smooth and glowing, separate the white part of egg and whisk them together. Now apply it onto your skin for just about fifteen minutes. Use cold water to rinse it off after it is firm.

Another amazing ingredient is orange. Take some dried orange peel and grind it until it comes into powder form. Now mix few drops of fresh milk in this powder and mix thoroughly. Use this homemade mask for taking out the dirt from skin pores. The best part about it is that it’s the best summer alternative for skin.

If you are having trouble with extra dry skin on your face, use the combination of olive and almonds oils for nourishment and conditioning. This remedy acts astonishingly to bring back the natural moisture in your skin and give you that radiant glow, giving you a striking appearance.

Here is another simple recipe that you can cook up at your home easily. Take Flour, lemon and Milk; Take 1 table spoon of flour, 2 table spoon milk and half tea spoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture on face for 15 to 25 minutes then see the result after washing the face.

You can see the same results with turmeric and tomato; Take 2 pinch turmeric and 3 table spoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture till dry then wash with cold water. It is faster way to get a fair and glowing color on your skin. You will start feeling fresh and your skin will tone down considerably.


Ali Zafar Fans to Participate in the Biggest Flashmob of Pakistan

After wrapping up his shooting for another Bollywood number, “Kill Dill”, Ali Zafar is all set to give his fans a summer surprise! All his fans will get a chance to participate in what will be the biggest flashmob ever held in Pakistan. With a large fan base, Ali Zafar is known for always remembering his fans in every success.Ali Zafar

Considering this as another opportunity, this flashmob will be an exciting interaction between him and his fans. Ali Zafar recently finished shooting for his next Bollywood venture under the Yash Raj Banner with co stars Ranveer Singh and Parineeta Chopra. The flashmob is scheduled in the last week of June.


Five Terms to Use with Your Barber

You know how you want your hair to look, but you don’t know how to explain it and it gets frustrating because when you plan and go to the barber’s shop- you really can’t exactly explain what you want and end having a completely different hairstyle than the one you actually imagined. If something like this has happened to you, here are five terms you can tell your barber and he will understand.modern_men_hairstyle

Thinned Out:

Thinned out hairstyle helps decrease the volume and size of your hair. It is usually preferably for men who have loads of hair and can’t manage their mess with only a comb. When the barber breaks out thinning shears (which look like regular scissors but have matching sets of “teeth” with gaps between them), it allows some of the hairs to be cut short and others to remain at their full length. This way you get the look of thinned out manageable hair. It is essentially good for thick, unmanageable hair.


Sometimes it is good for you to give your hair some depth and flexibility. The best is to cut them in layered style which is usually good for thin hair. It is that sort of style when longer hair rests on top of shorter hair, and your hair appears to have some movement and depth. This style is preferably good for thin hair.


Choppy hair style is best for men who want dome texture and volume in their hair. Your hair might be thin or very fine in texture and when your hair is all different lengths, try the choppy hairstyle which gives your hair a thicker appearance. So it’s definitely good for guys who have fine or thinning hair and want to keep it short at length as well.


Razored hair sty;e is pretty popular amongst men. It gives your hair a considerable amount of thickness and edge. For this hair cut your barber uses a razor (instead of scissors) to trim the ends of your hair. Your hair will have a tapered edge (rather than a blunt, straight-cut edge), which will give them more texture and volume.


Texturized hair style for your hair is kind of like the choppy one, but only shorter. A short around the sides and back, with a classic taper (at the nape of the neck), raising the style through the top for texture and support. This style can suit any face shape and texture of hair is lovely for a good summer look.

The Classic Length:

This is predominantly for long hair and looks extremely cool and classic. Structured longer styles have increased in popularity over the last few years. With longer styles, condition hair from the ears down to nourish and hydrate your locks, as they may not be cut as frequently. This prevents build up at the roots so your hair looks in better condition. This style works best with leaner face shapes and on medium-textured, straight hair.


Chic Formal Embellished Dresses

Formal embellished is all there is these days when it comes to dressing up in chic and looking formal at the same time. FC eShop has always kept itself updated with your sense of style and your fashion trends. In 2014 it introduces to you the absolutely gorgeous idea of dresses that are formal embellished. Following are a few gorgeous designs by Teena by Hina Butt.

A beautiful and unique piece to own which will fulfill your formal needs. Just have a look at this silver embellished black frock which is a flaunt sartorial stylish silver embellished frock with broad red hot piping all around. Featuring this dress just for PKR. 38,627.

A unique piece with a neck full of silver work of Tilla. This is a tasteful piece and is trendy at the same time and makes you revel in the comfort of the soft chiffon fabric that glues itself to your body perfectly.tina_by_hina_butt_formal_collection_1

More elaborated stone work outfits are also available like a maroon embellished frock, this one costs you nothing but a simple twenty four thousand and nine thirty nine rupees. It is carefully designed on raw silk a fully embellished outfit by Hina Butt. This is the most sophisticated yet classy fashionable item to be a part of your beautiful wardrobe. Let’s have a look at these.

Beige Brilliant Piece available at FC eShop under the same designer is a silver royal embellished shirt costing PKR. 35,080, the cost equals to the value it is providing in a form of 3 piece fully embellished formal wear. Play up girly elements fittingly as you wear this silver embellished frock from Teena by Hina Butt. Look classy and stylish in this piece and revel your persona with this magical-glowing party outfit.

A gorgeous color for your gorgeous skin tone and another sleeveless piece hanging with all the royalty in your wardrobe. A slim fit dress with a heavy neck down to your waist with all the gorgeous work condensed in one piece of clothing. It has all the play up party girl elements. This is magical and glowing party girl outfit ready to be worn by you.formal_suit_by_tina_by_hina_butt_1

Black Banarsi Panel Frock costing you twenty seven thousand nine hundred and eighty two. This embellished dress will do nothing but breathe life into your seasonal wardrobe from Teena by Hina Butt. This flaunting, curvy stitched outfit will cost you just PKR 28,084. It is made of chiffon and jamawaar with a Chermeuse pati which is so enthralling and enchanting that it does nothing but add an enhancement to your wardrobe as it is by sweet style ball embellished.formal_collection_by_hina_by_hina_butt_1

Another one with a completely different color by Body Focus is the Black Gold Embellished Shirt costing you PKR. 37,408/- the dress worth the cost designed in the absolute black chiffon kurta with puffed shoulder pads and hand embroidery in front of the neckline, shoulders and back. With a beautiful skin fit black leggings or tights this is the thing for you with front tussels hanging from the front left and right all the way down to your thighs, a beautiful party outfit for you.

Look at this Beige Embellished Shirt costing you nothing but PKR. 6,480/-. This kurta set features ivory chiffon embroidered with gold resham and zardozi detail on the yoke with gold tassel on the front. A full sleeved long shirt with a pair of shimmering stretchable Qlots, a formal dress with a grown up tea party by Ahsan Khan, available at Fashion Central eShop.