Trend Tuesday: What’s In-Style is Your Style

Every week brings a new reason for a revamped look! It’s not always about an occasion, an event or dressing up for a new beginning. Changing up your style and trying out something new can make the monotonous week worthwhile.
Try out at least one of these in-style trends to see what can transform your look this week.


Grey nail polish: Different ways to wear it

Monochrome might be a classic, but sometimes choosing the perfect nail polish colour isn’t so black and white. With the rise in popularity of neutral shades, grey nails have become a top choice whether worn alone or with another nail colour (think: neon accent nail).

The black cat eye: A classic yet simple makeup look.

One of the quickest and most effective ways of turning up the volume on your makeup is the classic black cat eye. The black line, following the curve of your eyelid, make your lashes appear fuller, draws attention to the colour of your eyes, and the ‘flick’ outwards makes your eyes appear larger. It’s a real magic trick that every woman should have up her sleeve!

Sunkissed hair: The ultimate beach babe look.

Are you a summer-loving gal who wishes she could sport a beachy, post-vacation look all year round? Now you can! By using a gradual hair lightening treatment, you can add luminosity and light to your locks for the ultimate sun-kissed hairstyle. Opt for a treatment that gradually lightens the hair without ammonia for natural results that are gentle on your tresses.

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Beauty Monday: Perfect Hair Week

Every girl dreams of a good hair day every day. It is something that makes your day glorious no matter the amount of stress the day may bring. A simple finger stroll through your locks, loosening your hair from a tied up bun and having them fall naturally in place or a hair turn as you wave goodbye. These simple things exhibit your hair beauty and truly complete your overall look.

So, what is the hair secret some experts say works for all hair types? It is the prestigious Elixir Ultime 24 carat treatment by Kérastase Paris. It restores vitality and a healthy shine to dull, damaged hair. With a deep infusion of precious oils, Elixir Ultime is infused with rich nourishment and enriched with oils that work to replenish and moisturize hair, leaving it looking luxuriously shiny and glowing with health.

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