Beauty Monday: Perfect Hair Week

Every girl dreams of a good hair day every day. It is something that makes your day glorious no matter the amount of stress the day may bring. A simple finger stroll through your locks, loosening your hair from a tied up bun and having them fall naturally in place or a hair turn as you wave goodbye. These simple things exhibit your hair beauty and truly complete your overall look.

So, what is the hair secret some experts say works for all hair types? It is the prestigious Elixir Ultime 24 carat treatment by Kérastase Paris. It restores vitality and a healthy shine to dull, damaged hair. With a deep infusion of precious oils, Elixir Ultime is infused with rich nourishment and enriched with oils that work to replenish and moisturize hair, leaving it looking luxuriously shiny and glowing with health.

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