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Stylish Take on Olivia Palermo Fashion Style

Summer is the perfect time to show your fashion guts by following the chic looks of Olivia. Have a look at a quick guide to adopt Olivia’s gorgeous looks in your own way.


Say Hello to Neutrals & Nudes

Olivia has proved to the fashion world that neutrals are no more boring and plain. To make an attractive outfit completely out of neutrals, you need to mix and match different shades of nudes to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Dress up smartly

Stop being lazybones and make your every outfit special by dressing up smartly. The most important factor of Olivia’s fashion is her ability to carry every look and mood smartly and neatly.

Wear proper fittings and sizes

Women have different preferences for wearing clothes. While some wear tight outfits, others prefer loose and comfy dresses. However, if you want to catch up with Olivia Palermo’s style, you should wear clothes with proper fitting as per your size.

Turn over to Classics

No matter how rapid the fashion trends are going to change, the classics will remain evergreen and popular. If you closely observe the style of Olivia Palermo, you will see her love with the classic prints. Olivia prefers the classic and traditional prints in her clothes over the funky ones.

Keep it comfortable and casual

The best part of Olivia’s style is her rejection towards the idea of overdressing. The sexy lady is always seen in a relaxed and comfy outfits and that’s what makes it easy for others to recreate her stylish looks.

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Fashion Models

Top Ten Fashion Models

With the fast growing fashion industry, fashion models are also showing their abilities and gaining immense popularity. Fashion models of Pakistan are the source of representation of Pakistani fashion in the front of people who love fashion both in Pakistan and across the globe. With their gorgeous looks and style, Pakistani fashion models have paved way in positioning themselves in the top models of the world. Pakistani fashion industry has a number of shining stars. Fashion models come and go with time but only a few sustain their position and place in the hearts of public. Check out which are the top ten fashion icons of Pakistan who are ruling fashion industry. The models that have made special place in the hearts of their fans and most demanding by fashion designers are mentioned below.

  1. Ayyan Ali- Ayyan Ali is one of leading models in Pakistan. Because of her beautiful features, angelic looks she is considered as the Barbie doll of Pakistan. Her features are the mix of both eastern and western beauty. Her dazzling style propels all fashion designers due to which she is the top choice of many fashion designers. Above all, her height has made her most demanding in Pakistan fashion industry.
  2. Mahnoor Baloch- Mahnoor Baloch is not a new name but she is still the beauty icon in Pakistan. It is impossible to forget about her timeless beauty. Her name, Mahnoor Baloch, is synonymous with beauty. She is fifty plus but her freshness and attractive looks have been increasing her fans.
  3. Humaima Malik– Humaima Malik is a renowned fashion model as well as actress of Pakistan. Because of her beauty, glamour, style and million dollar smile, Humaima has won the title of “beauty of the year” in the celebration of veet 2103 awards. With the elegant beauty she has been continuously establishing her name in the fashion industry since her teenage.
  4. Sara Loren– One of leading models of Pakistan is Sara Loren who has made huge fans not only in Pakistan but also in bollywood industry because of priceless and amazing acting. She has appeared in many fashion shows with numerous fashion designers.
  5. Sanam Saeed- British born Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed has touched the peaks of success in a short span of time. Nowadays she is the most prominent name in the field of Pakistani showbiz industry. Her stunning looks, attitude, style and confident have made her one of best models of Pakistan. The versatile Sanam Saeed doubles the beauty of magazine pages and runways.
  6. Nadia Hussain– Nadia Hussain is promising and top model of Pakistan. A woman of excellence Nadia Hussain has proved herself as super model of Pakistan. She is true asset of Pakistan and with her perfect height and gorgeous looks, she is still considered as show stopper of any ramp show.
  7. Iman Ali- Iman Ali is fabulous model of Pakistan. Her name lies in the list of those people who have prompted Pakistan on the international platform. She has strong fan list in which mostly are youngsters. Her boldness, style, expressions and her way of walking on ramp is really amazing.
  8. Amna Ilyas– The mysterious beauty of fashion industry Amna Ilyas has proven her talent by showing her skills in modeling as well as acting. She has also won the title of Miss Catwalk in Veet Celebration Beauty Awards 2013. Amna is hottest sensation these days in Pakistan fashion industry.     
  9. Syra Yousuf– The charming Syra Yousuf is also included in the list of top Pakistani models. She is not only a model but a great actress and VJ. The cute face and charming smile with style are the elements that have made her choice of most of people.
  10. Mehreen Raheel– Mehreen Raheel is one of popular name in Pakistan fashion industry. Though she is short heighted, she has made special place in hearts of most of people with her stunning looks and wonderful expressions. Attractive face, pretty smile and excellent body language enhance the beauty of ramp.